Walk-in bins make waste management easy

Take the hassle out of rubbish disposal by selecting walk-in bins. Some larger clean ups can really take it out of you. Not only do you have to carry the waste out to the bin, but you also have to toss it over the side. When you are dealing with large or heavy items like white goods or furniture, this part can be very troublesome, not to mention dangerous. To ensure the job gets done without injury to yourself, a walk-in bin is sometimes necessary. With a walk-in bin, rather than lugging waste over into the bin, you can simply walk it through and inside with ease.

We offer a range of sizes in the walk-in bin variety including 4, 5, 6, 8 and 10m2. On each bins, 2 doors are located on the back of the bin, which enable the user to walk through and carry waste inside.

All of our skip bins are delivered onsite and picked up, for your convenience. Normally, we leave the walk-in bin on your property for four days for you to fill up, before we pick it up and dispose of the waste. However, if that time schedule does not suit you we are flexible and can come up with an arrangement that specifically suits your needs. When it comes to commercial clients, we can even arrange a permanent skip hire, where we deliver and pick up skips on a reoccurring basis.