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What are your opening hours?
Monday to Saturday from 6am to 5pm. For after hours contact- please email bettaskips@gmail.com or text message Chris on 0422 158 714 (We are Closed on Sundays and Public Holidays)
How far ahead do I have to book in?
Ideally a day or two prior, but most definitely a day or two prior Public Holiday Long Weekends. But don’t fear we can also cater for Same Day Service too.
How quick can I get same day service?
If you call in the early morning we can often get you one there the same day, this happens often when people book a bob cat or machinery.
What can or can't place in a bin?
You place pretty much anything you see around your home, or construction site in the bin with an exception of several items: STRICTLY NO Asbestos, Gas Bottles, WET Paint tins (Dry and Empty are OK), Food and Liquids, Contaminated or Hazardous Waste, Chemicals, Large Tree Stumps Tyres. We also take mattresses at the cost of $45 each (regardless of size)

  • Timber
  • Plaster
  • Metal
  • General Waste
  • Garden Waste
  • Tiles
  • Bricks
  • Soil

  • Asbestos
  • Chemicals
  • Paint
  • Oil
  • Food Waste
  • Tree Stumps
  • Tyres
  • Gas Tanks
What Areas do you travel to?
We specialise in Melbournes Eastern Suburbs, Melbourne City and all the way to Warburton in Yarra Valley.
Where can I place a bin?
Private Property should be your first preference if you have space to do so. If you don’t have the space required, you may need to place the bin on a Road or Nature Strip which is Council Land. Bin Companies are required to apply for a Council Permit to place a bin on Council Road or Nature Strips. If you know this may be your only option, please book this as early as possible as some councils require 2-5 days notice to approve the permit. Every Council charges differently, some per day, some per 3 days or weekly- and the cost varies substantially, so call us for a quote. Failure to obtain an approved permit prior to placement can see us with a hefty fine or impound our bins. Our clients cannot obtain permits for themselves.

Placement on Private Property should be on a Hard Surface. If you would like to protect your driveway- we advise popping wooden planks underneath, or place on Council Road with a Permit. Wet or Hot weather will affect placement of bins on Driveways, Dirt or Grass areas as we would prefer to prevent damage in compromised areas. Our Drivers are knowledgeable on what is an appropriate surface for placement, so if they have recommendations, we advise to take this into consideration.

I have tight Acess or have a heavy load
We have multiple shaped bins in the exact same size, so whether you need a narrow or shallow bin, just let us know you require this
How long can I have the bin?
Our Standard hire is 1-4 Days (Or a Thursday drop off gets 5 days). If you need a bin for longer, for a day or so- we offer this for free. If you are needing longer than this we suggest making a pile of waste in your own time that suits so when the bin arrives you can just place it in. Just remember that if you don’t fill it straight away- you neighbours might, or it may get in the way!
Whats the difference between having a door or not?
No door bins are great for light household clean ups. A Wheelbarrow door on our skips are perfect for gardening or lifting heavier items in rather than over the top. Our Hooklifts have a door as wide as the bin which is great for heavy loads. Having a door is a free- no cost option with Better Skips
Why cant I fill past water level?
Its a safety issue when the bins are overloaded. Its dangerous to our Driver and other road users. We have to comply with VicRoads and the law and for this reason we are unable to accept overloaded bins and they will be unloaded on site.
How heavy can my bin be?
We are proud to have a yard to recycle waste. This means we can pass the savings of sorting rubbish onto you by not charging by weight. You will never be charged after the fact as your bins are not weighed.
My driveway is a bit tricky, can you get in?
Whether its up Mount Dandenongs steep tight slopes or the inner citys Laneways- We got you covered! We may even be able to lift a skip over a front fence if its not too high!
How can I Pay?
Payment is made to the driver upon drop off via EFTPOS or cash. We don’t charge extra for EFTPOS. All Pricing INCLUDES GST. If your not on site- call us to make payment over the phone.
What happens if I've underestimated the size?
Just call us the day prior to pick up and ask for a change over
What else do I need to know?
On pick up or drop off days, make sure any cars are out of the way
What info do I need to have when I book?
We charge only two rates- Light Mixed (General waste EXCLUDING Bricks, dirt, concrete or tiles) or Heavy Mixed (General waste INCLUDING Bricks, dirt, concrete or tiles)- So just advise us which rate you need so the driver can charge correctly. We also may ask where you would like the bin placed on private property or council land.
Who is responsible for damage?
All Care is taken, but no responsibility accepted for damage such as (but not limited to) Private or Council Property, Driveway, Footpaths, Walls, Fencing, Grass, Overhanging Trees, Drains and Power Lines.

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