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Fast, efficient and affordable skip bin hire in Lilydale

Allow our professional skip bins providers to take the hassle out of rubbish removal in Lilydale. Better Skips is a family owned and operated business offering both domestic and commercial services across Melbourne. With 20 years of experience in the waste industry, you can rely upon us to get the job done fast and efficiently. We are dedicated to ensuring every one of our clients’ individual needs is met with our exceptionalskip hire in Lilydale. When you make an inquiry with our company, you deal directly with the professional waste managers who will be performing the job. There is no missing link when it comes to dealing with your waste. Skips are delivered and picked up in time to ensure your job is completed smoothly.

Ensure your invest in eco-friendly skip hire in Lilydale

We are an eco-friendly waste management provider, committed to reducing our impact upon the environment. When we pick up your mini skips in Lilydale, we go through a strict sorting process, to recycle as much as possible. We are proud to recycle as much as 75 per cent of the waste we collect, which includes green waste, plasterboard, concrete, dirt, bricks, steel and timber.

Recycling facts

As you can see below, the reasons to choose an eco-friendly skip bin provider in Lilydale speak for themselves.

Australia’s largest source of trash comes from plastic
The amount of plastic that goes into landfill is constantly increasing at a large rate. When you consider the process that is required to make plastic, then you can understand the need for it to be recycled. For those who don’t know, plastic is manufactured using fossil fuels, which is bad for the environment. The great thing about recycled plastic is, to produce it you only need to utilise 30 per cent of the energy needed to make plastic from scratch.

More than half the aluminium drink cans used get recycled
Did you know that by recycling one aluminium can, preserves enough energy to operate a TV for three hours? Furthermore, for the energy used to produce one new can, 20 recycled cans can be manufactured. With these facts in mind, the great news is Australians are recycling more than 50 per cent of the aluminium cans they use. These numbers equate to roughly 2 billion cans recycled a year.

Do what’s best by you, and the environment, by choosing Better Skips as your skip bins provider in Lilydale.

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